About Us

logoFood, in today’s world has become a luxury more than ‘necessity’. Instead of being in control of our inner mind, we have become mere slaves- thus giving in temptations. This has not only lead to increase in obesity but also the major reason for increase in a number of diseases. This is where the role of diet comes into play. It is said, “let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food” which is very rightly said. By means of diet alone a person can help to revive ones health.

This is where, Fitnest comes to play. A diet studio, where we dont show you impractical dreams. With minor changes in your diet, we can help you to manage your health. From weight loss management, lifestyle disorders to body cleansing diets, we provide an easy solution that too without any form of supplementation. We work with our clients to achieve desirable results according to their convenience. Seems impossible and flowery? Believe me, once you come to us, you wouldnt want to go anywhere else.

We work as a team to make our clients achieve their dreams even sooner. Started by Megha Jalan and Nikita Bohra in Kolkata, we work towards spreading our knowledge to the entire continent.