Importance of Breakfast in Our Daily Life.

Breakfast means breaking your fast after a night long sleep. Hence the breakfast should be healthy and should include juice of any seasonal fruit or a whole fruit. There are various breakfast options available like Bread with butter or jam, eggs, poha, upma, idly, cornflakes with milk, parantha and curd, Indian Chapati with vegetables along with tea, coffee or milk. For children milk and fruit is a must. In different states of India people have variety of breakfast.

Due to our present day lifestyle we often sacrifice our breakfast as majority of us sleep late and get up late. We rush through our morning chores and in a hurry to reach school or our workplace we gulp down a glass of juice or tea and think that the breakfast is over, and this is one of our biggest mistake.

It has to be kept in mind that breakfast is our most important meal as our day depends on it. Breakfast provides us with mental and physical strength in form of energy, for the entire day. The first food of the day provides us with various nutrients such as carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins and minerals that makes our lifestyle healthier. Researchers claim that at least twenty five percent of daily energy required for a human body should come from breakfast which enables the body to work for eight to ten hours without feeling fatigue.

Those who do not have a heavy breakfast start feeling hungry early, the result of which is a heavy lunch and overeating. This leads to feeling lethargic and sleepy post lunch. On the other hand a balanced breakfast would not lead to such consequences and thus our work won’t be compromised.

In certain households we find people having a combined breakfast and lunch commonly known as Brunch. This too is not advisable as both should be separate meals. As four meals a day is essential for a healthy lifestyle.
Breakfast is necessary for each and every individual not only for children and people who go to work, but also for housewives. Breakfast should never be neglected and should be taken with utmost care. A healthy breakfast in the beginning of the day makes one feel healthy, energetic and refreshed.