What is a healthy menu?
A healthy menu is one which contains food from all food groups as well as balances the calories i.e the calories consumed and the calories expended. Healthy menu also means eating everything but in moderation.

What is the right time to have fruits?
Fruits should be consumed in an empty stomach. When food is consumed with other food products it slows its digestion and essential nutrients are not absorbed by the body.

Should I follow a no carbohydrate diet?
No, Carbohydrates are a source of energy in our body. One should not follow a no carbohydrate diet for a very long time unless suggested by a doctor.

How long can I follow a no carbohydrate diet?
A no carbohydrate diet should be followed under the guidance of a practising doctor or a dietician.

What are fad diets? Are they helpful?
Fad diets are diets which promise weight loss in a short duration of time. They are not very helpful as the individual tends to regain the lost weight and vitamin and mineral deficiencies may occur.

Why is it difficult to lose the last few kilos?
As our weight goes down, sometimes our metabolism slows down. At times it is an indicator that one does not need to lose those extra kilos.

How long do I need to exercise along with a diet to lose weight?
It differs from individual to individual. But 45 minutes of brisk walk or 1 hour of gym is good.

I skip breakfast and have a heavy dinner is it okay?
No, one should not sleep on a full stomach as our activities reduce during night time and is at its peak in the morning.

Does dieting mean less food?
Dieting since years has been synonymous with less food. But a diet means to eat right kind of food and healthy food.

What is an ideal weight loss program?
There is no ideal or universal weight loss program. Weight loss program should be made as per individual requirements and a person should aim at losing 2 to 4 kgs per month.