mypyramidIn the under developed and the developing countries over 800 million people are undernourished. They eat very little to meet their requirements. Over a 100 million people suffer from PEM (Protein-energy malnutrition) and about 13 million under the age of 5 yrs die due to malnourishment.
The right to adequate diet is a fundamental right in itself. No single food in itself can provide us wholesome nutrition. That is where the concept of balanced diet comes in. Balanced diet is a diet wherein an individual eats variety of food in recommended proportions. Nutritional requirements vary from individual to individual according to age, gender, level of activity and health. Many different countries across the world have set dietary guidelines for their citizens in order to meet the nutritional requirements. But there is no universal or ideal dietary pattern. The dietary pattern is set according to the food availability and the population of the country.

My Pyramid gives us an idea of the amount of a particular food group has to be consumed. The pyramid is divided vertically into different colours. Orange denotes the carbohydrates which should be consumed in maximum. Followed by vegetables and milk & milk products (green and blue colour respectively). Fruits come in next which is the red strip followed by Meat & Beans in purple. The narrowest line is the yellow line which is the fats and oils which is to be consumed very little. My Pyramid has been developed by the United States Development of Agriculture. Amongst the grains half the quantity should come from whole grains and cereals. Fried meat should be avoided and variety of vegetables and fruits should be consumed. One very interesting fact about this pyramid is the human stick figure climbing the stairs which tells us that along with maintaining a proper diet being physically active is equally important. Adults should be active for minimum 30 minutes for 7 days a week and children for 60 minutes to maintain their weight.